Ever wonder why Asian kids consistently outperform others in the classroom, or why the top colleges are filled with Asians students? Or why a much higher percentage of Asian Americans go on to medical, law, or graduate school?

While Asians do not on average have higher IQs than their non-Asian peers, they somehow manage to stand out in the classroom. If you don't believe us, just take a look at the statistics.

Percentage of Asian American students at top universities
- University of Pennsylvania - 23%
- Columbia and Cornell - 25%
- Stanford - 24%
- Harvard - 18%
- University of California at Berkeley - 42%

More stats:
47% of Asians over 25 hold Bachelor's degrees (compared to 27% overall)
The median income for Asians is $10,000 higher than the median incomes of other ethnic groups
16% of Asians hold advanced degrees (compared to 9% overall)

Contrary to what the public may believe, Asian students are no more intellectually gifted than non-Asian students. The reason that Asian students outperform their peers in the classroom has nothing to do with how they are born and everything to do with how they are raised.