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Selection, How-To Book of the Week
Newsday, March 6, 2006

Winner, 2005 Family Choice Award
Family Magazine Group

Selection, 5 stars
Michael Smerconish - Michael's Book Club

June 2012
World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer
New Asian 'America Dream'?

March 17, 2006
Ivanhoe Broadcast News
Top of the Class

November 2, 2005
Good Morning America
Are Asian Children Smarter?

Recent Press
April 2007
How do Asian Students get to the Top of the Class?

December 21, 2005
The Philadelphia Inquirer
High-achieving sisters say nurture, not nature, does it

December 6, 2005
Washington Post
I Am an Asian Parent

November 24, 2005
Boston Globe
The burden of everyone's expectation

October 16, 2005
The New York Times
Sisters Think Parents Did O.K.

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Jae Shin Kim
Meet the father who inspired the book and its principles! Jae Shin Kim has been inspiring national and international audiences and can be booked for a lecture or seminar. Please send an email to: if you are interested in booking him for an event.